Poetry Experiment No. 1

Experiment No.1
Blank Verse in the Assonant Anapestic Tetrameter
Explanatory Note: Rupert is Rupert of Hentzau, a character in The Prisoner of Zenda

Rupert’s Ditty

Will I win do you ask? Well I do wear a mask.
At thirteen I realized, pretty much got it sized
that the way just to stay, keep your ball in the play
is to wait out the fight, zombie smile till its right time
to bring out the fist, well you do get the gist. Right?

When the battle is raging your fat in the flame
Hold the fort, fill the moat, take a boat, if you have
to get out of the bout, it’s no rout if you chose it.

Then with your brain rested heart once again tested true
to the purpose at hand . A surfeit of strength
in your shoulder and gut, and a bolder treading man,
now you roll out the guns and let all the fun and the games begin anew


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